Movement Plaform

Easily moving the Repair Shuttle and glass lift along the greenhouse wall

To easily move the Repair Shuttle and glass lift along the greenhouse wall, a moving platform is available. This platform is designed to transport the shuttle and (if applicable) the lift over the service rail along the greenhouse wall. The platform is manually operated by default and can be pushed to the correct position or moved from above via 'stepping' over the service rail. A cage ladder provides safe access to the platform.

When the platform has reached the correct gutter, it is locked in place, and the fold-out gutter ramps can be used to smoothly drive the Repair Shuttle from the platform into the gutter of the greenhouse. At the top, the moving platform runs over the greenhouse's service rail, while at the bottom, it moves with ball-bearing wheels over the lower service rail or against the base of the greenhouse.

Parking spot

The platform can be secured to the greenhouse's fixed "parking spot" with chains and straps. The Repair Shuttle is secured to the platform with straps. If done according to the regulations, the set can hang on the greenhouse wall year-round and is always ready to be used immediately if repairs to the greenhouse need to be performed.

Repair Greenhouse Platform

Repair Greenhouse Platform


Maximum load:600 kg + 2 people
DimensionsCanopy size 3.20m: 438 x 210 cm
Canopy size 4.00m: 518 x 210 cm
Canopy size 4.27m: 545 x 210 cm
Canopy size 4.80m: 598 x 210 cm

Repair shuttle

The proven solution to ensure the safety of employees and subcontractors and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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Electrical Glass Elevator

Load the glass safely onto the Repair Shuttle so that you can start with the repair work.

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Movement Platform

Easily move the Repair Shuttle and the glass lift along the greenhouse facade to the correct gutter.

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